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São Paulo Map Guide


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100 must-see attractions of Sao Paulo: the hip spots of Vila Madalena, the new restaurants, the places with panoramic views, the best pubs for music and more.
12 districts described to provide an overview of the city: Pinheiros, Vila Madalena, Jardins, Bixiga, Avenida Paulista, Liberade, Centro...
2 days detailed step by step to enjoy an intense and unforgettable visit.
43 accommodation options. From luxury hotels and executive apartments to youth hostels.
42 experiences, from the best shows, the landmark buildings, regional restaurants, to the best art galleries, shopping districts...
10 annual events to consider when planning a visit.
Tourist Map (scale 1 : 20.000)

ISBN: 978-987-1551-34-7
Autor / Author: de Dios, Julián
Colección / Collection: Map Guide
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Año de Edición / Year: 2011