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Patagonia Map Guide


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The Patagonian top attractions in Argentina & Chile. 
A useful tool to discover this fascinating region. From what is known as The End of the Earth in Tierra del Fuego, till the natural beauty of the Seven Lakes region. Then Puerto Madryn, Chiloé, El Calafate, El Chaltén, Pucón, Bariloche, the legendary route 40, Butch Cassidy's steps, the National Parks, the Dino's Park, the ski resorts. Such names and words can only bring us back to adventures, sports, and legends. 
Also, all the information about charming hotels, “estancias” open to tourism, restaurants where to taste the regional dishes, tips, travel advices and more. to start living unforgettable days in Patagonia

ISBN: 978-987-9445-17-4
Autor / Author: de Dios, Julián
Colección / Collection: Map Guide
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Año de Edición / Year: 2016