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Buenos Aires Map Guide


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A map guide with everything a visitor needs to know to enjoy Buenos Aires.
With the city's 100 must sites: attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, tours and shopping fully reviewed and updated. A brief description of the most outstanding districts and neighborhoods to organize your visit according to your interests.
A plan by the hour to enjoy a perfect weekend, and 3 nearby getaways for those willing to get close to argentinian traditions.
A selection of Buenos Aires' 65 unforgettable experiences: such as the most genuine cafés of the city, the best tango "milongas" and “bodegon” restaurants, or recommended guided tours.
Includes practical information, useful phone numbers, a subway map and a large dropdown scale map.

ISBN: 978-987-9445-58-7
Autor / Author: de Dios, Julián
Colección / Collection: Map Guide
Idioma / Language: English 
Peso / Weight: 60 grs
Año de Edición / Year: 2011