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Bolivia Map Guide


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100 must sites of Bolivia: including ancient native sites, old colonial cities, Amazon peoples and natural reserves. The Estación Biológica del Beni, the Titicaca lake, Potosí and its colourful streets, La Paz, the Parque Nacional Sajama and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, among other destinations.
Jesuit ruins from the 18th century, like Santa Ana and San José, and the Catedral de San Francisco, dated 1545, in the heart of the city of La Paz. 
Calendar of popular festivities. The celebration to the virgin in Copacabana, Oruro´s carnival, the Fiesta de San Ignacio and the cult to the Pachamama, among other festive days in Bolivia. 
Detailed map of the downtown area of the city of La Paz. 
Tourist map (scale 1 : 2.500.000)

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Colección / Collection: Map Guide
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