Antarctica Map Guide


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An essential tool to enjoy the journey to the White Continent. With a complete map of the Antarctic Continent indicating the historical points, the route of the most outstanding expeditions, the scientific stations and the territories of the Antarctic Treaty.
History of the expeditions to the White Continent, from the James Cook's first testimonies, to the race to reach the pole starred by explorers Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott, from England, and Norwegian Roald Amundsen, or American Richard Byrd's audacious flights.
Detailed panorama of the birds, mammals, fish, and plants that can be observed during the journey.
Detailed maps of the Antarctic Peninsula, Deception Island, and Danco Coast
Touristic Map (scale 1:1,800,000)

ISBN: 978-987-1551-10-1
Autor / Author: de Dios, Julián
Colección / Collection: Map Guide
Idioma / Language: English (avail. in Spanish)
Peso / Weight: 60 grs
Año de Edición / Year: 2019